Exercise I

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Reading Comprehension

Instructions:        Read the following ad advertisements and choose the correct answers from  the alternatives given.


Gemological Institute of America

Learn About Gems & Jewelry

From the world’s # 1 gemological institute

67 year history of excellence in education

Over 300,000 graduates worldwide

Short Classes in July

Diamond Grading

Colored Stone Grading & Gem Identification

Easy to learn – No homework ! – No exams!

Contact GIA Thailand

Tel. 02-237-9575-77    Fax. 02-236-9829

e-mail : giathai@ ksc8.th.com

  1. If you are interested in learning about Gems and Jewelry at GIA, which way can’t you  contact  GIA  Thailand ?
    1. By calling
    2. By fax
    3. By letter
    4. By mail
    5. By telephone

2. Which is not true according to the ad?

                  1.GIA Thailand offers short classes in July.

                  2.GIA graduates come from all over the world.

                  3.GIA has established for 67 years.

                  4.More than 300,000 people have finished their studies from GIA.

                  5.You have to take exams before you finish the course.


Children Garment Exporter.3. What position is this company looking for?

  1. Quality Control Inspectors.
  2. Children Garment Manager.
  3. Children Garment Officer.
  4. Children Garment Importer.

4. If you want to apply for this position, you must………………………………..

  1. send in your resume by fax
  2. call Mr. Steven
  3. fill in the application form
  4. send an application form
  5. Either 1 or 2

5.Which is not true according to the ad?

        1.   Experience in Quality Control of children garment for US market is


       2.   Knowledge of fabric and children garment construction is necessary.

       3.   Applicants are supposed to be fluent in English.

       4.   Besides a good salary and fringe benefits the right candidate will have

to travel

      5.   Applicants are expected to work both on-site and off-site.

Read this news and choose the correct answer for each item below.

War-game warming

        China is to carry out its largest military exercises of the year this month aimed at sending a “substantial warning” to Taiwan separatists, state media reported yesterday.

The military drills will take place on Dongshan Island in southeastern China’s Fujian province, just 150 nautical miles west of Taiwan’s Penghu Island, the Beijing News said.

“The Dongshan Island exercises are different from exercises…….   It is joint exercise of

The three militaries (army, air force and navy).  It’s the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) largest- scale exercise this  year,” the Beijing News said

The report did not say when the drills would start or how long they would last but similar drills in 2001 lasted for four months.

Nor did it reveal how many soldiers would take part.



6.What is the news mainly about?

      1.  The war game

      2.  China’s drills

      3.  Taiwan’s military exercises

       4.  Fujian province

       5.  A substantial warning

7.The “drills” here refer to……………………………..

1.  warning

2.  army

3.  separatists

4.  soldiers

5.  military exercises

8.What is “Dongshan”?

1.  It’s in southeastern Beijing.

2.  It’s on Penghu island.

3.  The name of an army.

4.  An island in Fujian province.

5.  The military drills.

9.What information is given about the military exercises?

1.  The place where they will take place.

2.  The number of soldiers they involve.

3.  The duration of them.

4.  The date when they start.

5.  Its duration is the same as the drills in 2001.

10.    What is the source of news?

1.  China

2.  Beijing

3.  Taiwan

4.  Agence France

5.  Fujian province

11.    What is the unique characteristic of the military exercise?

1.  It’s the first exercise.

2.  It’s the largest in Beijing.

3.  It will take place on an island.

4.  It is the People’s Liberation Army’s.

5.  It’s the cooperation of army, air force and navy.

Read the weather forecast and choose the correct answer for each item below.


12.   If you are in Songkhla, what you shouldn’t do is…………………

1.  swimming in an indoor pool

2.  having a party in a living room

3.  doing exercise in the fitness room

4.  enjoying sunbathing with your friends

13.  According to the weather forecast, the province with the lowest temperature is…………….and the  one with the highest temperature is……………

1.  Khon Kaen-Phuket

2.  Chieng Mai-Phuket

3.  Bangkok-Chieng Mai

4.  Chieng Mai-Khon Kaen

5.  Songkhla-Nakon Ratchasima

14. What is the suitable activity to do if you are in Koh Samui?

1.  Sailing

2.  Riding bananaboat

3.  Sunbathing on the beach

4.  Riding a horse along the beach

5.  Eating seafood in the restaurant

6.  having a chat with your relatives on the porch

Read the comic strips and choose the best answer to each question that follows.


15.  When a person says that he/ she smells the roses; he/she means to say that
he/she ………….…….

1.is struggling in order to  be successful

2.is successful and happy

3.is going to have short life

4.is about to stop doing the job

5.is in trouble to find the roses

16.  A “saying” in second scene is the same as a ………………..

 1.   speech

2.   description

3.   mission

4.   proverb

5.   motto

17.  According to the cartoon ,Zero is ………………….

1.   very optimistic and hopeful

2.   ignorant and cheerful

3.   open-minded and sociable

4.   happy and helpful

5.   introvert and desperate

Read the passage and choose the best answer to each question that follows.

   18                               18.   What is the root cause of superstition?

1.  Fear

2.  Fear and rationalism

3.  Worldwide phenomenon

4.  Lack of scientific knowledge

5.  Fear and lack of scientific knowledge

 19.  Superstition is linked to ______ and ____.

1.   ill luck and fear

2.   ill luck and danger

3.   fear and happiness

4.  danger and accident

5.  sacrifices and accident

Read the article and choose the correct answer for each item below.


20.   “This” (line 6) means………………………..

1.  eat only one fruit a day

2.  eating an apple a day

3.  how to make us healthy

4.  fruits and vegetables we should eat

5.  eating five to nine fruit and vegetables a day

21.  According to the passage, more people in America get cancer or heart disease because…………

1.  they eat less fruit and vegetable

2.  they smoke more

3.  they lack of fruits

4.  they lack of vegetables

5.  they eat many servings of fruits and  vegetables

22.  Eating a lot of fruit and vegetable could prevent you from……………..

1.  breast cancer

2.  lung cancer

3.  colon cancer

4.  stomach cancer

5.  all above

23.  If you want to prevent yourself from breast cancer, you should eat more…………..

1.  corn and grapes

2.  garlic and grapes

3.  grapes and spinach

4.  soybeans and carrots

5.  peaches and broccolis

24.  To prevent heart diseases we should eat more………….…..

1.  carrots and corn

2.  spinach and grapes

3.  tomato and spinach

4.  tomato and cranberry juice

5.  apples and strawberries

25.  The following recipe, which one is the most healthy food?

1.  Kimchi

2.  Spinach pizza

3.  Mixed vegetable salad

4.  Vegetable burger

5.  Sushi and soybean soup

26.  According to this passage, we can infer that……….…..

1.  Fruits and vegetables keep us healthy

2.  you should be careful about your eating habit

3.  follow everything the doctor advice, you will live longer

4.  to be healthy, we should eat colorful fruit and vegetables everyday

5.  only mango, peach, broccoli and tomatoes can make you have healthy life

27.  The best title for this passage is……….…..

1.  Fruit and Vegetable

2.  Colorful fruit and vegetables

3.  How to eat fruits and vegetable

4.  Useful of fruits and vegetables for your health

5.  How to stay healthy and live longer

Read the story and choose the correct answer from the alternative given.

The Hitchhiker

     As Andrea turned off the motorway onto the road to Brockbourne, the small village in which she lived, it was four o’clock in the afternoon, but already the sun was falling behind the hills. At this time in December, it would be completely dark by five o’clock. Andrea shivered. The interior of the car was not cold, but the trees bending in the harsh wind and the patches of yesterday’s snow still heaped in the fields made her feel chilly inside. It was another ten miles to the cottage where she lived with her husband Michael, and the dim light and wintry weather made her feel a little lonely. She would have liked to listen to the radio, but it had been stolen from her car when it was parked outside her office in London about two weeks ago, and she had not got around to replacing it yet.
She was just coming out of the little village of Mickley when she saw the old lady, standing by the road, with a crude hand-written sign saying “Brockbourne” in her hand. Andrea was surprised. She had never seen an old lady hitchhiking before. However, the weather and the coming darkness made her feel sorry for the lady, waiting hopefully on a country road like this with little traffic. Normally, Andrea would never pick up a hitchhiker when she was alone, thinking it was too dangerous, but what was the harm in doing a favor for a little old lady like this? Andrea pulled up a little way down the road, and the lady, holding a big shopping bag, hurried over to climb in the door which Andrea had opened for her.
When she did get in, Andrea could see that she was not, in fact, so little. Broad and fat, the old lady had some difficulty climbing in through the car door, with her big bag, and when she had got in, she more than filled the seat next to Andrea. She wore a long, shabby old dress, and she had a yellow hat pulled down low over her eyes. Panting noisily from her effort, she pushed her big brown canvas shopping bag down onto the floor under her feet, and said in a voice which was almost a whisper, “Thank you dearie — I’m just going to Brockbourne.”
“Do you live there?” asked Andrea, thinking that she had never seen the old lady in the village in the four years she had lived there herself.
“No, dearie,” answered the passenger, in her soft voice, “I’m just going to visit a friend. He was supposed to meet me back there at Mickley, but his car won’t start, so I decided to hitchhike — there isn’t a bus until seven, and I didn’t want to wait. I knew some kind soul would give me a lift.”
Something in the way the lady spoke, and the way she never turned her head, but stared continuously into the darkness ahead from under her old yellow hat, made Andrea uneasy about this strange hitchhiker. She didn’t know why, but she felt instinctively that there was something wrong, something odd, something….dangerous. But how could an old lady be dangerous? it was absurd.
Careful not to turn her head, Andrea looked sideways at her passenger. She studied the hat, the dirty collar of the dress, the shapeless body, the arms with their thick black hairs….
Thick black hairs?
Hairy arms? Andrea’s blood froze.
This wasn’t a woman. It was a man.
At first, she didn’t know what to do. Then suddenly, an idea came into her racing, terrified brain. Swinging the wheel suddenly, she threw the car into a skid, and brought it to a halt.
“My God!” she shouted, “A child! Did you see the child? I think I hit her!”
The “old lady” was clearly shaken by the sudden skid. “I didn’t see anything dearie,” she said. “I don’t think you hit anything.”
“I’m sure it was a child!” insisted Andrea. “Could you just get out and have a look? Just see if there’s anything on the road?” She held her breath. Would her plan work?
It did. The passenger slowly opened the car door, leaving her bag inside, and climbed out to investigate. As soon as she was out of the vehicle, Andrea gunned the engine and accelerated madly away. The car door swung shut as she rounded a bend, and soon she had put a good three miles between herself and the awful hitchhiker.
It was only then that she thought about the bag lying on the floor in front of her. Maybe the bag would provide some information about the real identity about the old woman who was not an old woman. Pulling into the side of the road, Andrea lifted the heavy bag onto her lap and opened it curiously.
It contained only one item — a small hand axe, with a razor-sharp blade. The axe, and the inside of the bag, were covered with the dark red stains of dried blood.
Andrea began to scream.


28.  Where did Andrea work?

1.  Brockbourne

2.  Mickley

3.  London

4.  the text doesn’t say

5.  in the small village

29.  Why didn’t she listen to the radio?

1. The radio had been stolen from her car.

2. She liked peace and quiet.

3. The radio was broken.

4. There was a strike at the radio station.

5. The text doesn’t say

30.   Why did she stop to give the old lady a ride?

1.  It was a cold evening.

2.  Andrea felt lonely.

3.  She felt sorry for the lady.

4.  She was helpful to  the  strangers.

5.  All of the  above.

31.  Where did the lady want to go?

1.  Brockbourne

2.  Mickley

3.  London

4.  The small village in London.

5.  The text  doesn’t’ t  say.

32.  What made Andrea afraid when she looked at the old lady?

1.  She had a moustache.

2.  She had a hard voice like a man.

3.  She had a shopping bag.

4.  She had hairy arms.

5.  She had  thick  black  hair.

33.    Why did Andrea suddenly stop the car?

1.   She thought she had hit a child in the road.

2.   She skidded on some ice in the road.

3.   She wanted to trick the passenger into getting out.

4.   She was so afraid that she couldn’t concentrate, and she nearly had

a crash.

5.   The passenger  forced  her  to  do  that.

34.   What did Andrea do when the “old lady” got out?

1.   waited for her

2.   drove away quickly

3.   opened her bag

4.   switched off the engine

5.   stared  at  her

35.   Why did Andrea look in the old lady’s bag?

1.  She wanted to steal what was in it.

2.  She wanted to find her address so that she could send the bag

back to her.

3.  She wanted to borrow the old lady’s tools.

4.  She wanted to find out who the strange passenger was.

5.  She wanted to sell  what  there  were  in  it.

36.  What was the “old lady” probably going to do to Andrea?

1.  nothing

2.  kill her

3.  give her an axe

4.  visit her in Brockbourne

5.  rape  her

37.  What wasn’t the reason why Andrea felt lonely as she drove home?

1.  It was cold.

2.  It was windy.

3.  It was snowy.

4.  It was completely dark.

5.  She drove alone home.

38.  Andrea decided to give “an old lady” a ride although she had never done this before when she drove      alone.  Andrea was…………………………………

  1. kind
  2. hopeful
  3. stupid
  4. crazy
  5. optimistic

39.  Someone who had stolen the car radio of Andrea was……………………………………………………

1.  sincere

2.  reliable

3.  honest

4.  greedy

5.  poor

40.  What is the moral lesson of this story?

1.  Don’t judge a book by its cover.

2.  Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.

3.  Where there is the will, there is the way.

4.  Selfishness is the root of all evils.

5.  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

 41.      1. verified                                                               42.      1. by

           2 . supported                                                                     2. on

           3. claimed                                                                           3. with

           4. observed

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