Exercise II

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1.         There are many cars in Bangkok. Which is proper noun?


2.         The people in China speak______________________________________________

3.         People who live in_____________________ are Africans.

4.         People who live in ___________________(Finland, Finnish) are called____________

(Finland, Finnish).

5.         Plato was a _____________(Greek, Greece) philosopher. He was born in _____________(Greek, Greece).

6.         The people of Indonesia are____________________

7.         This is a _________________(Swiss, Switzerland).

8.         A_________________(Siamese, Thailand) cat is a kind of cat in__________________

(Siamese, Thailand)

9.         We praised_______________________(brave, the brave, good, good)

10.       In Thai culture, __________________(the old, elder, an old, older)are greatly respected.

11.       ____________(walking, walk, walks, walked) is good for everyone.

12.       You need to have a __________________(swimming, swimmer, swam, bath) suit to swim in this pool.

13.       This is one of the ______________(greenhouse, green house, green-houses) in Bangkok.

14.       A _________________(sixty kilometers, sixty-kilometer) journey is tiring.

15.       A man who works in chemistry is a ____________(chemi, chemist, chemister)

16.       A man who studies biology is a_____________(biology, biologist, biologer)

17.       ____________(An ant, the ant, An ants, Ants) are insects.

18.       They are new born ________________(baby, child, babies, girl)

19.       There is an art (parties, ferries, galleries, gallery)

20.       ____________(His jean is, Her jeans are, This jean is) too tight.

21.       There are so many _________________(cloud, moon, stars, sun) in the sky.

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