Exercise VIII

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Direction : Choose the best answer.

1.Which is a complete sentence?

a.Nowhere else in this remote province.

b.Singing karaoke, another way to relax.

c.Whatever I do for you.

d.Stop gossiping about other person.

2.Which is a complete sentence?

a.UNB or the United Nations.

b.A girl sitting next to an old man.

c.Looking around to find my favorite book.

d.Someone who could answer this question is hard to find.

3.Which is a complete sentence?

a.To understand other’s feeling.

b.Swimming seems dangerous for young children.

c.To be alone in a house in the dark night.

d.Swimming as a good exercise for anybody.

4.Which is a complete sentence?

a.The boy together  with his mother

b.Whenever I went out of my home.

c.To get a G in this subject is difficult.

d.The boy wearing a shirt.

5.Which is a complete sentence?

a.After listening to the radio news this morning.

b.The man standing behind my sister.

c.Whoever I could ask for help.

d.There’s no place like home.

6.Which is a correct sentence?

a.Swimming as way of exercise.

b.She asleep last night

c.I sitting here.

d.Open the door, please.

7.Which is a correct sentence?

a.Dinner not finished.

b.Rare plants in my garden.

c.The bright stars at night.

d.The boy kicked the ball.

8.Which is a correct sentence?

a.Nobody here in this room

b.Jim and poor.

c.John and I became rich.

d.Someone outside the house.

9.Which is incorrect?

a.Bob is rich.

b.Do your best.

c.She won’t give up.

d.She studying hard.

10.Which is a simple sentence?(ประโยคความเดียว)

a.We are very happy, but she isn’t.

b.Everyone must work harder, or he will get F.

c.Jamin and Jose are close friends from primary school.

d.Susan, who is a new staff member, sang so beautifully at the party.

Direction : Correct these sentences into the correct form.

  1. I speaking English.


  1. The car which I buy


  1. Although he is ill.


  1. She very beautiful.


  1. Walking good for you.


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