Exercise V

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Subject verb agreement

  1. Ann ___________(be) a good student.
  2. She ____________(go) to school by bus.
  3. She ______________(have) four cats.
  4. Peter _____________(do) his homework by himself.
  5. They ______________(be) studying English.
  6. You and I ____________(be) working hard.
  7. Both Tim and Mark ____________(be) smart.
  8. Rice and Curry ____________(be) cheap.
  9. Nobody _____________(love)me.
  10. Each of students _____________(finish) homework.
  11. All book ____________(be) sold out.
  12. There _______________(be) many books.
  13. There ______________(be) nothing to talk about anymore.
  14. Each athlete and coach ______________(have) a locker.
  15. Every boy and girl__________________(be) vaccinated at an early age.
  16. None of ink ________________(be) on the floor.
  17. Either he or I _____________(understand) the lesson.
  18. Either Jill or her sisters ____________(be) playing with toys.
  19. Neither the flight attendants nor the captain __________(be0 ready for the flight.
  20. Neither the doctor nor the nurses _____________(be) in the emergency room.
  21. The directors, as well as the president, _______________(have) gone to Europe.
  22. The grandfather, together with his nephews, ____________(have) left for Chiang Mai.
  23. I, not you, ___________(be) looking for a job.
  24. Maths _______________(be) my favorite subject.
  25. Star Wars _____________(be) a fascinating movie.
  26. The cattle ___________(be) chewing quietly.
  27. A number of handbags ___________(be) packed ready to be shipped.
  28. The jeans ______________(be) very tight.
  29.  This pair of shoes ________________(cost) expensive.
  30. 30. Several sheep _____________(be) prepared to be sheared.

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