Exercise IX

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Direction : Choose the best answer.

1. Trees ……. water.

a. need

b. needs

c. will need

d. is needing

2. Jim always … dessert after dinner.

a. has

b. have

c. is having

d. had

3. Washington, D.C. … the Capital of the USA.

a. be

b. is

c. are

d. am

4. Those … my first year students.

a. be

b. is

c. are

d. am

5. Don’t go near those dogs. They … fighting.

a. do

b. have

c. will

d. are

6. Right now. Charles … his homework.

a.        is doing

b.        does

c.        will do

d.        has done

7.Since 1960. Jane …….. .

a. has been married

b. married

c. is married

d. will marry

8. Jim …………. just …………..the news.

a. has , heard

b. blank , heard

c. blank , hears

d. will , hear

9. Don’t come today. I ………..you tomorrow.

a. will see

b. sees

c. have seen

d. saw

10. We are …..a final examination now.

a. to take

b. taken

c. take

d. taking

11. I …….Russian for a long time.

a. am studying

b. was studying

c. will be studying

d. have been studying

12. We ……at Hong Kong last night.

a. was arriving

b. arrives

c. arrived

d. had arrived

13. All professors……..a seminar on English two weeks ago.

a. attend

b. attended

c. are attending

d. will attend

14. I……… at Erawan Hotel at this time yesterday.

a. stay

b. will stay

c. was staying

d. have stayed

15. This time tomorrow she…….to New York.

a. will be flying

b. will to fly

c. must to fly

d. can to fly

16. By the end of this year the Browns………here.

a. will to be

b. will have been

c. has been

d. have been

17. By 11 o’ clock I……..for three hours.

a. work

b. am working

c. have working

d. will have been working

18. This thief …….before the house owner arrived.

a. has gone

b. is gone

c. goes

d. had gone

19. Some detectives called the event after a witness…….the police.

a. surmise

b. have surmised

c. had surmised

d. is surmising

20. Jim walked into the kitchen while Mali……..

a. is cooking

b. was cooking

c. cook

d. cooks

21. I always …….early.

a. wake up

b. woke up

c. wakes up

d. have woken up

22. When I was young, I……Sanimsoy

a. love

b. loves

c. loved

d. is loving

23. They……..here again tomorrow.

a. come

b. comes

c. came

d. will come

24. My sister…………English this week.

a. is studying

b. are studying

c. studied

d. study

25. Look at that! Dokrak-the buffalo ………

a. smile

b. is smiling

c. smiled

d. has smiled

26. It …….very hard when John came home last night.

a. rain

b. rained

c. will rain

d. was raining

27. Yesterday, Klangjai ……. violin for Dokrug.

a. play

b. plays

c. played

d. is playing

28. I ………..from 10 to 11 o’clock, tomorrow.

a. worked

b. working

c. was working

d. will be working

29. Choengchai ……..just ………his work.

a. has, finishes

b. is, finishing

c. have, finished

d. had, finished

30. I had finished my homework before I…………home.

a. go

b. went

c. will go

d. have gone

 Subject verb agreement

Direction : Complete the sentences with correct verb form.

31.Ann ___________(be) a good student.

32.She ____________(go) to school by bus.

33.She ______________(have) four cats.

34.Peter _____________(do) his homework by himself.

35.They ______________(be) studying English.

36.You and I ____________(be) working hard.

37.Both Tim and Mark ____________(be) smart.

38.Rice and Curry ____________(be) cheap.

39.Nobody _____________(love)me.

40.Each of students _____________(finish) homework.

41.All books ____________(be) sold out.

42.There _______________(be) many books.

43.There ______________(be) nothing to talk about anymore.

44.Each athlete and coach ______________(have) a locker.

45.Every boy and girl__________________(be) vaccinated at an early age.

46.None of ink ________________(be) on the floor.

47.Either he or I _____________(understand) the lesson.

48.Either Jill or her sisters ____________(be) playing with toys.

49.Neither the flight attendants nor the captain __________(be0 ready for the flight.

50.Neither the doctor nor the nurses _____________(be) in the emergency room.

51.The directors, as well as the president, _______________(have) gone to Europe.

52.The grandfather, together with his nephews, ____________(have) left for Chiang Mai.

53.I, not you, ___________(be) looking for a job.

54.Maths _______________(be) my favorite subject.

55.Star Wars _____________(be) a fascinating movie.

56.The cattle ___________(be) chewing quietly.

57.A number of handbags ___________(be) packed ready to be shipped.

58.The jeans ______________(be) very tight.

59. This pair of shoes ________________(cost) expensive.

60.Several sheep _____________(be) prepared to be sheared.

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