Exercise IV

youtube                       google                         พสว                          สพม11


1. A : Where is Sombat?

B : ___________is talking with Ann.

2.______________(He, His, Him) can play the violin.

3. Everybody has _______________(its, one’s, his) own ideas about the politics in Thailand.

4. Is this pencil_______________?

5. A dog never loses _______________(it’s, its, it)

6. This book is definitely_____________(her, hers)

7. A woman’s life expectancy is greater than____________(man, man’s).

8. Father gave me two books, so I gave______________(they, them)to my mother.

9. __________went to the party. (We, Their)

10. My house is in Chiangmai. ___________(Your, Hers)is in Bangkok.

11. I don’t want to go out because ________________(it, this, they).

12.______________(It, The) is important to come to class on time.

13. He hasn’t got_____________(somebody, anyone) to talk to.

14. Jack has a bad memory. He can’t remember____________(nothing, anything).

15. There are two cars here and I’ve got the red__________(one, ones).

Interrogative Pronouns

(Who, Whose, Which, What)

  1. ________is the best singer?
  2. A : ______________shoes are these?

B : They’re John’s.

  1. __________can I do for you?

 Relative Pronoun(who , whose, which, that, what)

  1. Philip is the person ________________(who, what) conducted this investigation.
  2. The vase ____________(who, which) she broke yester belongs to my sister.
  3. The movie ______________(what, that) you saw was boring.
  4. He is Jack ______________(who, whose) father was killed in war.

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