Exercise III

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(a, an ,the,-)

1.            Tim is from _________________United Kingdom.

2.            My father is _______________engineer.

3.            When you have ______________cold, you should take a big rest.

4.            The Chao Phraya is ___________longest river in Thailand.

5.            She still stays in __________bed after the accidents.

6.            ________________asthma is a king of hereditary disease.

7.            The lazier you are, ______________fatter you get.

8.            She has ______________ black cat.

9.            She drinks milk three times ______________day.

10.          Please open ____________window.

11.          _______rich should help the poor.

12.          He goes to ____________school to study English.

13.          I travel by _____________airplane.

14.          I like to play _________volleyball.

15.          Let’s go for __________walk.

-Demonstratives (this, these, that, those)

      1. _____________(This, These) is my friend.

      2. ____________(That, Those) are teachers.

-Possessives (my, our, your, his, her, its, their)

-Expressions of Quantity (every, each, neither, either, one, none, many, some, a few, both, 

a litter, all, other, any much)

1. _________________(All, Every, Each, They)my dogs know who you are.

2. Please bring me ___________________(many, some, a few, both) water.

3. Do you have____________________(a few, the few, a little, the little) minutes?

4. __________________(These, All, Others, Every) person should have discipline.

5. Sometimes too __________________(many, every all, much) children are difficult to handle.

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