Exercise I

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1. You see a friend carrying a heavy box and want to help.  You say:________________

a. Let’s take that away.

b. Perhaps I could use the box.

c. Can I give you a hand?

d. Don’t you want to help yourself?

 2. The Petersons have just moved into the house next door.  You pay them a visit and say:_______________

a. Welcome to our neighborhood.      

b. Live a happy life.    

c. Hope we can get along.                 

d. Wish you were here

 3. A Thai student wants to go to the Science Museum in London, but he doesn’t know the way, so he asks a policeman. He says:__________________

a. I must go to the Science Museum now.

b. Could you tell me how to get to the Science    Museum?

c. I beg your pardon! I want to visit the Science Museum.

d. Please take me to the Science Museum, will you? 

4. You knocked your friend’s sunglasses off his desk and broke them. You say to your friend:___________

 a. Can’t you get a new pair?

b. How much should I pay you?

c. Pardon me. I hope you don’t mind.

d. So sorry. How clumsy I am!

 5. You are talking on the phone, but the line is not very clear. You say, …………….

a. Shout out a lot more.                      

b. Could you speak up a bit?

c.   Won’t you say a lot more?

d. Make a loud noise?

 6. You ask a telephone operator if she would mind repeating a number. She says: “….”

a. Never mind.                        

b. Why should I?

c. Yes, that’s right.                              

d. Not at all.

 7. In an examination room, a student’s mobile phone starts to ring. The teacher says,…..

a. Turn that off.

b. Let it out.

c. What’s calling?

d. What happens?

 8. You see some children hitting a cat. You say……

a. Keep it up                b. Not to worry

c. Don’t be serious       d. Stop that.

 9. A: Can I borrow your pencil?

    B: ______.Take the one on the desk.

a. Sure                         b. Really

c. Well done                d. Not again

 10.Last night, Supat went to see a movie. When he came back, his friend asked him about the movie.…………………..?

a. Why didn’t you call me

b. Was it a good movie

c. Do you like action or scary movies

d. When will the movie be on show

 Conversation 1:  Two roommates are trying to decide what to have for dinner. (11-16)

Pat:      I’m too tired to cook.  ____11______?

Linda:  That would be nice.  ______12______?

Pat:      Let’s go to the Chinese restaurant again. I like   the food there.

Linda:  But we just went there last week.  ____13___

Pat:      The Thai restaurant?  You mean the one opposite the Chinese restaurant?

Linda:  ______14______.  I think the food at the Chinese restaurant is rather oily.

______15______.  Besides, the Thai food at that place is very delicious.

Pat:      ______16______?  Have you ever eaten there before?

Linda:  Yes.  A Thai friend took me to lunch there last month.

Pat:      OK.  Let’s go there, then.

11. a.  Shall we have a rest     

      b.  Let’s eat out tonight, okay

      c. How about you                         

      d. Whose turn is it tonight

 12. a.  Where would you like to go               

       b.  Do you think we really are 

       c.  Do we have enough time               

       d.  Who would go with us

  13.  a.  You may like to have Thai food, then          

         b.  You can choose where you like to go

         c. I’d rather go to the Thai restaurant instead     

         d. I’ve heard about a good Thai restaurant

 14.    a. That’s right     b. Oh, come on

          c. Really               d. That’s a good idea

 15.  a. But I like its atmosphere                      

        b. I prefer Thai food to Chinese

        c. And I don’t want to eat out                 

        d. I enjoy all kinds of food

 16.   a.  Are you hungry                    

         b.  How do you like the food  

         c.  Can you hurry up                          

         d.  How do you know

 17. A :  Did you see Damrong today?

      B:  No, he was sick………he didn’t come to


            a. although                               b. however

            c. since                                                d. so

 18. Your teacher asks your opinion about an outside reading book. You found it boring but  you want to be polite so you say, “…………..” 

   a.   How could you assign such a boring book? 

   b    The book I liked was certainly not this one. 

   c.    I prefer the book we read last term. 

   d.   The book was unreadable, wasn’t it?

 19. Someone offers you a glass of wine. You say, “……….” 

   a.   Let me find out. 

   b.   I apologize for drinking. 

   c.   That would be funny. 

   d.   Sorry, I don’t drink.

 20. Mother: The pot’s hot. Beware!

      Daughter:…………… I’ll use a pot holder.

            a. I can cook.  

            b. I’m not stupid.         

            c. I’ll be careful.          

            d. I’ve done it before

21. A friend is walking with you along the pavement.  You see he is about to step in a puddle of water and say, “……….” 

            a.   Loop up!

            b.   Look out! 

            c.   Step along! 

            d.   Step over! 

22. When you check your bill at the restaurant, you find you have been overcharged. You say to the waiter, “…………” 

            a.   I think there has been a mistake. 

            b.   I want another bill.

            c.   There is too much to pay. 

            d.  You are cheating me.

 23. One of your classmates has won a scholarship to study abroad.  You congratulate her by saying, “…………” 

            a.   Well done. I’m very happy for you.

            b.   Amazing. I never expected so much.

            c.   Cheers. Better me than you.

            d.   I can’t believe it.

24. A policeman fine to a woman who has just thrown an empty plastic bottle on the street. The woman say, “………..” 

            a.   What’s the matter with you?

            b.   What did I do wrong?

            c.   Do you have a problem with me?

            d.   How can I help you?

25. Mother sees blood on your finger. She asks what happened. You say, “Oh, it’s not serious. ________” 

            a.   I’m about to faint.

            b.   The knife hurt me. 

             c.   I just cut myself. 

            d.   Will I die, Mom?

26. A mother is teaching her children about table manners and says, “________” 

     a.   You should eat vegetables. 

     b.   You should help me set the table. 

     c.   You should not chew with your month open. 

     d.    You should eat three meals a day.

27.   A woman is in a jewelry store when she sees something she likes in a showcase. She

asks the salesperson, “________” 

 a.   Would you keep an eye on me? 

b.   Would you take it or leave it? 

c.   Can I have a chance to show it? 

d.   Could I have a look at that? 

28. Leo has just won a lot of money in a lottery. He shouts, “________” 

            1.   Yuck! 

            2.   Hurray! 

            3.   Hush! 

            4.   Yummy! 

            5.   OMG

29. You hand in your report late. You say to your teacher…….

            a. That’s quite all right.

            b. I apologize for the delay.

            c. Please accept my sympathy.

            d. Sorry. It’s better late than never.


Situation :Prasert is trying to talk Tom into going a football match with him.(30-31)

Tom : My favorite football team from England is playing against the Thai National team this Sunday. I really want to go, But ……(30)……..

Prasert : Oh, come on. Go with me. ………..(31)….

 30. a. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

b. it too late for me to go.

c. all the ticket are sold

d. my assignment is due on Monday.

 31. a. Don’t you like football?

       b. You shouldn’t hand in the work late.

       c. There won’t be another match like this.

       d. We shouldn’t pay anything extra for tickets.

32.   Robert :  Hi, Paul – it’s Robert.   …………           

Paul : Hi, Robert. Er.., I haven’t got any plans.

a. How are you doing?             

            b. Are you free at the moment?

             c. Will you be busy this weekend?

             d. What are you doing this weekend?

            Situation :Pim wants to buy a pair of Jeans (33-34)

Assistant: Hello , ………33………………

Pim:     Yes, Can I try these on, please?

Assistant : ……34 …. The fitting rooms are over  there .

Pim: Thank you.         

33.       a. What’s wrong with you?

            b. Would you like anything else?

            c. May I help you?

            d. What’s the matter?

 34.       a. That’s okay, but hurry up.

            b. Of course.

            c. O.K. but you must take them.

            d. They’re very nice.


Situation:  Jinda, who has just arrived in England, is very thirsty and wants to buy a drink from a vending machine. (35-38)

 Jinda:   Excuse me, have you got any change?

Kate:    Let me see.  _____35_____?

Jinda:   For this vending machine.  I haven’t got a 50 pence coin.

Kate:    I’m sorry.  I haven’t got any change either.  Actually, you can use a pound coin in it.  It will give you change.

Jinda:   Oh, I see.  Er…I’m sorry to trouble you again.  _____36_____?

Kate:    Sure.  What would you like?

Jinda:   A can of orange juice.

Kate:    Insert the coin into this slot and ____37____.  There it goes.  Please don’t

forget to pick up the change.

Jinda:   Thank you very much.

Kate:    _____38_____.

35.  a.  What are you looking for

b.  Who are you waiting for       

c.  What do you need it for                 

d.  Which coin do you ask for

36.  a.  Can you show me how it works

b.  Would you do me a favor   

c.  Do you have some fizzy drinks   

d.  May I use a pound coin

 37.   a.  wait for a while                              

b.  pick up a can         

c.  collect a cup near the slot             

d.  press this button

 38.  a.  No worry                           b.  Not at all    

c.  Same to you                             d.  Good luck

 Situation : Samurai is late for his appointment .(39-40)

Samurai: … 39… I got held up by the heavy traffic.

Indra:   That’s all right. It’s always like that on Saturday evenings. Have you met Liza.

Samurai: ………………40…………

Indra:   Come and meet her then. Liza. I’d like you to meet Samurai.

Samurai: Hello. It’s a pleasure to meet you. Indra has told me so much about you.

 39.       a. I’m sorry I’m late.

             b. I’m know. I’m late.

             c. Forgive me for being late.

              d. I’m terribly, aren’t I?

40.       a. I don’t know.

           b. No, I haven’t.

           c. You know I haven’t.

            d. I can’t remember.

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